Candy Crush Saga is one of the most addicting and fun puzzle games out on the market, which is available for Android and Apple Operating Systems as well as on Facebook. When you first start playing the game, you might notice that there are a lot of different boosters you can use to help you progress through the levels, but you probably don’t have a clue what they look like or what they do. Boosters are mostly items you have to pay for but some of them are free, and you will notice more free boosters as you move up in levels. If you are new to Candy Crush or even if you’re not, here is a rundown of the boosters you might find in the game, as well as what each of them do.

The Lucky Candy

You will see the lucky candy a lot in Candy Crush and this special booster helps you when you are on an order level of the game. Order levels often have a specific number of items you need to pick up in order to move onto the next level, such as 99 blue or 100 green or it might be more complex like needing 10 wrapper and stripe combinations. When you see the lucky candy, simply combine it with another piece of candy on the board and it will turn into whatever special combination or item you need for that order.

The Wrapper and Striped Candy

The wrapper and striped candy is very handy because this booster will automatically start your board off with a piece of striped candy and a piece of wrapped candy. When you combine the striped candy and wrapped candy together, you get a huge piece of candy that will take away a lot of the items on the board in a “T” shape from top to bottom.

Color Bombs

Color bombs are by far one of the best boosters you can get while playing Candy Crush, because it will do a variety of things depending on what other piece of candy you combine it with. For example, if you use the color bomb with a striped candy, then all of the candies on the board in that color will turn into striped candies. If you combine the color bomb with a wrapper then all of the candies in that color will turn into wrappers. You can also just combine the color bomb with a regular piece of candy on the board and it will either hit items on the board from top-to-bottom or side-to-side. The color bomb is also very useful when it comes time to play an order level where you need so many candies of a certain color, especially if the order is something crazy like 200 blue.

The Switch Hand

You might at first not recognize the switch hand booster because it’s fairly odd looking, but it’s a pretty useful booster you will see later on in the levels. The main goal of the switch hand booster is to combine it with a candy and it will move that candy over one space. This is a great booster to use if you have two candies in a row but the other candy is a couple spots away, you can use the hand to bring that other candy over, which then allows you to clear that set of the same candy.

Plus 5 Moves (+5)

The plus five moves booster, which has a +5 icon is a fairly simple booster that adds on five moves to the amount you have left. When you near the end of the game, you might notice that you are a move or two away from beating the level, which is super annoying. If you decide to get the +5 booster, then you will have 5 moves left to complete the level. This is one of the boosters that can be very addicting, because you will often run out of moves at a time when you are only a couple moves away from completing the level.

Jelly Fish

One of the really nifty boosters in Candy Crush is the Jelly Fish booster, which you can find throughout the jelly and clear tile levels, and sometimes it comes up on the board automatically when you start. When you use this booster, you will see the Jelly Fish moving towards the blocks that contain the jelly, and they will go behind the candies to get rid of the jelly part of that block for you. This is a really good booster because sometimes you will need to get a block that is far away from the rest of the board, which makes it really hard to get to, but if you use the Jelly Fish you will have an easier time clearing away those hard to get to blocks. You can also combine the Jelly Fish with the striped candy, wrapped candy, and the color bomb to make an even more useful booster.

Lollipop Hammer

The lollipop hammer is a really nice booster to have, so if you are just starting out, try to save what ones you will automatically get for the harder levels if you can. What the lollipop hammer does is it will get rid of one of the blocks for you, and all you have to do is select the hammer and then where on the board you want to smash. It will literally crush any of the candies that are on the board, so it’s nice to have if you are down to one move but need two things to happen in order to move onto the next level. I have found that the lollipop hammers come in the most useful when you get to the levels where you have bombs that will go off after so many moves. You can just tap the hammer onto the block with the bomb and it will get rid of the bomb, so it can save you from having to start over if you play your cards right.

Bomb Cooler

As previously mentioned, you will often have to deal with bombs in Candy Crush, especially as you move past level 100. These bombs are often set with a specific timer, such as 8, and you will only have 8 moves to get to that bomb and clear it before it blows up. The bomb cooler is one of the boosters you will get in this game that gives you an extra 5 moves before the bomb blows up. This means that if you have a bomb that is going to go off in 2 moves, you can use this booster to bring that number up to 7. This is one of those boosters that can really save you in the game, especially when you have a bomb in the middle of the board and you have to clear a bunch of candies to get to it.

Free Booster Wheel

If you play Candy Crush on your Android or Apple device, you might want to connect your Facebook account, because you will automatically get the Booster Wheel for free added onto the main screen. If you don’t want to add your real Facebook account, then simply make a new Facebook account to use specifically for mobile games like Candy Crush. This booster wheel can be spun once a day and gives you one of many useful boosters for free, which you can hoard and save for when you really need it. The best thing to do is spin this wheel everyday and then sit on the boosters, especially if you use this booster wheel from the beginning, since you won’t need them that much until after level 150.

Coconut Wheel

Although you might not be able to tell what this booster is because how it looks, the coconut booster is super useful, especially on the levels where you need to clear chocolates from the top or bottom. Sometimes the coconut wheel will appear on the board before you start and basically it will give you three striped candies when you activate it. You can use the coconut wheel in any direction as long as there is a candy in that spot. If you use the coconut wheel on a striped candy, it will give you striped candies across the board in the direction that you swiped it. You can also combine the coconut wheel with color bombs and wrappers to make even more amazing candy combinations.

The Mystery Candy

Although the mystery candy booster isn’t available to you until you are past level 130, this booster is very useful as you progress through some of the more difficult levels in the game. Mystery boosters are filled with a mystery candy, which can sometimes be great and other times actually be harmful to your progress. You might go into the play thinking the mystery candy contains a wrapper or a color bomb, but then hit it to find out that it’s really a chocolate. The chocolates are the candies that will continue filling up the board once there is one active, and these are a pain because you have to break all of them in order to move onto the next level. Sometimes the mystery candy might also be a brick tile, which can sometimes take 2 or 3 hits to smash. So while the mystery candy is considered a booster, it can also significantly mess up your board and cause you to lose that round and a life. You can also match up mystery candies which will give you another item you can use on the board, but it’s never guaranteed what you might get. You should also be careful when you use the mystery candy, because you don’t want to save it for the end, since it could be a bad candy that comes through. So you should try to use this booster in the middle of the game, that way if it’s a chocolate you can get rid of it and still have a shot at beating the level.

Extra Time

After you beat level 26, you will notice that you also have access to the extra time booster, which will add 15 seconds to your time. Of course, this time booster is specifically for the time levels, which often requires you to meet specific goals such as 25,000 points in a certain number of seconds. So if you are on a timed level where you need to get 3,000 more points, you can use this booster to increase the time left on the clock, which then will increase your odds of beating that level. This booster would be best used for when you are almost out of time on the timed level and you have almost reached the first star goal.

Three Charm of Life

As you progress through the game, you will also notice you get access to the three charm of life booster. This booster will give you three extra lives to use on the level you are currently at. This is one of those boosters that you can easily become addicted to having with you, but you really need to practice self control with it. If you get this booster, simply keep it in your back pocket and then pull it out on a level you tried out, then realized it might be fairly difficult to overcome.

Sweet Teeth Booster

While some of these boosters look really cool, the sweet teeth booster is actually fairly scary, although don’t let that discourage you from seeing how great this booster can be. The sweet teeth booster is awesome because it will actually go through and eat all of the negative candies in its way. It makes sense considering the game is Candy Crush that there would be a sweet teeth booster which will eat anything negative or considered bad in sight, and that is a good thing if you have a bomb in the way. This booster only goes through one layer though, which makes it difficult if you have 3-layered cake in the way that you need to get rid of quickly.

Bubblegum Troll

The bubblegum troll is another booster that is not exactly nice to look at, but it really is useful during the chocolate levels. This booster is not available until after level 156, but it will basically give you five moves without the chocolate moving or multiplying. So if you are on a level where there is a lot of chocolate, you can use this booster to stop the chocolate from multiplying, so that gives you five moves to try to beat the level before the chocolate becomes active on the board again.

Striped Boost

The striped booster is a great thing to have because it will allow you to automatically start out with a striped candy in the beginning of the game. This booster can help you eliminate chocolates or bombs if you use it correctly right from the first move or can be used to break open tiles that are locked up. This booster will also help you out because it can really help you on the timed levels or the levels where you need specific orders such as 100 blue. You may not always want to use this booster right away though, since sometimes you might find yourself in a bind near the end of the game, and then wish you would have saved the striped booster to help you finish the final few tiles.