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Candy Crush Level 10 Guide

Candy Crush Level 10 Guide


Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (39 single coated jelly frames)
One Star: 40,000 points
Two Stars: 70,000 points
Three Stars: 100,000 points
My advice is to cherish level 10 as this would be the last level that is really easy and unchallenging (not to scare you off or anything!). See, there is just that void right smack in the jelly mountain, and it limits the chances of forming special candies. Aside from that, this level should be a piece of cake for you at this point. To make it easier, here are some tips and strategies:
1. Crush candies on the lower area first!
Take advantage on the cascade effect by working from the bottom up! Who knows, you might get extra lucky and get free specials accidentally!
2. Scout the board thoroughly to find moves that would clear off most jellies.
There are 40 moves and 39 jellies, so you can’t waste moves that won’t clear jellies. The best thing to do is choose the moves that would clear out multiple jellies!
3. Look out for special candies!
Make sure you don’t miss opportunities to make special candies by scouting the board before making your moves!
4. Try to match two special candies:
You know what they say, don’t settle for solo! Maximize the effects of special candies by pairing them with other specials! A pair of colour bombs would clear all the jellies for you, but it can be hard to get by, so a colour + striped combo are ideal alternatives.

5. I have to remind you:
Spin the free booster wheel!

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