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Candy Crush Level 100 Guide

Available Moves: 20 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (25 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 60,000 points
Two Stars: 85,000 points
Three Stars: 110,000 points

There are no periodically appearing candy bombs in this level, just the ones given initially.Candy Crush level 100 Strategy
However, this one’s much harder than the levels that came before it because the single candy bomb you
have to detonate is locked up in candy jail, and buried in a pile of meringue blockers and double coated
jellies that you largely have to clear before you could detonate the single menace. It’s a good thing the
candy bomb has 15 moves before it goes off, so you at least have a leeway. You still have to deal with
jellies, though. Man, you’re really going to need the following tips and strategies:

?1. Clear the meringue:
This is how candies will fall through the jellies, making them clearable and the single candy
bomb accessible. Do this quickly or you’ll lose the game entirely.

2. Get rid of the candy bomb!
You have 15 moves only. Go!

3. Mix and match special candies:
This is the best way to clear jellies and clear the candy bomb at the same time. A color bomb +
striped candy would do the trick, as well as a pair of wrapped candies.

4. Have fun crushing candies and don’t forget to pick up your daily free booster from the spinning wheel,

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