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Candy Crush Level 103 Guide

Available Moves: 25 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (41 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 100,000 points
Two Stars: 125,000 points
Three Stars: 175,000 points

Chocolates, jellies, licorice swirls, and candy bombs all in one level? Wow. Oh, and did I mention Candy Crush level 103 Strategy
you only have 25 moves to clear out 41 double coated jellies? Yikes. Well, lucky for us, we only have to
deal with a single candy bomb in this level. However, there are other blockers and the board itself is
quite problematic, with that island full of licorice swirls. There are also tricky jellies as the board is not
shaped regularly, so there’s some trouble there. Man, you’re really going to need the following tips and
strategies for Candy Crush level 103:

1. Understand how the board works:
Notice how the island column is connected to the first column of the wider board via a portal.
This means that you have to make moves on the first column so that the licorice swirls and the candy
bomb could fall through there, making them easier to clear.

2. Clear the bomb first, then the chocolate.
The bomb only has 7 moves, so deal with that first before you clear out the chocolate. In
clearing chocolates, remember to not leave even one chocolate spawn; you know how they spread!

3. Do all those things quickly so you can sift your focus to clearing jellies:
Get a color bomb and match it with a striped candy, problem solved. If no possible, then just do
any special combination available. They will all help, one way or another!

4. Tired of the Salty Canyon episode yet? Don’t fret, it will all end soon. In the meanwhile, why don’t you
save up for the rainy days by picking up a free booster from the spinning wheel?

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