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Candy Crush Level 105 Guide

Available Moves: 30 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (24 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 55,000 points
Two Stars: 105,000 points
Three Stars: 145,000 points

This looks like a breath of fresh air! No chocolates, no licorice, no meringue, no problem! Candy Crush level 105 Strategy
Actually, there are problems still in Candy Crush level 105. You are given 30 moves to clear out 24
double coated jellies, which is a hard job in itself, but the level raises the difficulty by throwing in a
locked up candy bomb and bombs that appear after every 8th
especially with all six colors appearing on screen. Oh, Salty Canyon, you are really difficult! Here, take
these tips and strategies with you when you take on this level:
move. These could be hard to deal with,

1. Release and detonate the locked up candy bomb:
Get rid of it as soon as you can so you could focus on other important things such as forming
special candies and clearing jellies.

2. Work from the bottom:
Take care of the bottom jellies and hope that the cascading effects would take care of the upper

3. Take care of the candy bombs:
They appear after every 8th cascade effects while clearing the jellies.

4. Make and mix special candies:
They work well as usual, and for this level the color comb + striped candy works best, but they
might be tricky to come by, so just try to get any special combination you can.

5. Have fun crushing candies, but don’t forget to pick up your free booster today.

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