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Candy Crush Level 108 Guide

Available Moves: All you can do in two minutes
Goal: Earn at least one star within the allotted time limit
Target Score: 14,000 points
Two Stars: 23,000 points
Three Stars: 32,000 points

This level is so out of place in the Salty Canyon! Not that I’m complaining, though. It’s actually Candy Crush level 108 Strategy
nice to take on an easy level after consecutive difficult levels. 14,000 points is easy to achieve in less
than two minutes, and time bonuses even stretch those two minutes to forever. The only challenge this
level poses is the time bombs that appear periodically, but those are easily detonated, too. I am not
saying you don’t need tips! As a matter of fact, you still do, so read on:

1. Free locked up candies:
They limit you, and you don’t need them. Release them and you’ll have an easier time going
through this level. They earn you bonuses as well!

2. Make combinations quickly:
This is how time bonuses spawn, so if you want to extend your two minutes, move quickly!

3. Detonate bombs immediately upon forming:
Even if you’ve reached the target score for one star, you could still lose the game if a time bomb
explodes, so address them at once. If you have reached the target score and you have a bomb about to
explode that you can no longer detonate, just leave it and wait out the time.

4. This level is easy, but the next ones won’t be. So save up on boosters! Spin the wheel now!

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