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Candy Crush Level 114 Guide

Available Moves: 20 moves
Goal: Earn at least one star within the allotted move limit
Target Score: 15,000 points
Two Stars: 35,000 points
Three Stars: 50,000 points
Level 114 is quite an easy score level, and licorice swirls make their official comeback here. Candy Crush level 114 Strategy
You’ll have to break through peppermint and licorice to get to your candy bombs, but you might not
even need to, if you strategize well. 15,000 points is an easy target, just as long as you plan out your
moves well, and of course, if luck is on your side. To aid your luck, take note of the following tips and
1. Strategize well:
You are racing against a scarcity of moves, not time. This means that you have all the time in the
world to plan out your moves instead of diving headfirst into the first opportunities you see, as is ideal in
timed levels. Here, you can spend time choosing which combination would earn you the biggest points.
Just focus on getting specials, and make regulars only when there are no specials available.

2. Do this quickly:
If you do strategy number one really quickly, then there’s no need for you to deal with candy
bombs at all! See, when you reach the target score, the candy bombs get converted into point bonuses.
Now you’d want that if you’re aiming for three points, so plan your moves well that you won’t use up all
20 moves available.

3. Having fun at Peppermint Palace? Don’t forget to pick up your free booster treat daily, okay?

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