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Candy Crush Level 116 Guide

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (38 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 100,000 points
Two Stars: 130,000 points
Three Stars: 160,000 points
I know this level looks really hard as it is irregularly shaped, but the heart shape of the board Candy Crush level 116 Strategy
may just very well be a metaphor for how this level is actually a gift of love from Candy Crush. To put it
simply, the level is not as difficult as it seems! There are only 5 colors instead of six, so the chances of
getting specials are actually very high. There are no chocolates, locked up candies, or candy bombs, just
a few peppermint blockers that could easily be cleared. You can finish this in one try, just remember the
following tips and strategies:
1. Work from the bottom:
Take care of the peppermint and jellies at the bottom and hope that Candy Crush takes care of
the ones on top via the cascade effect.

2. Make special candies and special combinations:
They help you a lot, so try getting a lot of them. A color bomb + striped candy would be best as
usual; solo stripes would also be good, anyway there are no licorice swirls in this level.

3. If you aren’t lucky on your first try, then just try again. This level is largely dependent on luck, so don’t
lose hope!

4. Have fun crushing candies, but don’t forget to pick up your free boosters!

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