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Candy Crush Level 128 Guide

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Collect candies (99 red candies)
Target Score: 25,000 points
Two Stars: 65,000 points
Three Stars: 85,000 points

99 red candies are very hard to achieve without the help of special candies, so it’s a good thing that you only have five colors to deal with in this level instead of the usual six. There are, however, some locked up candies and licorice swirls that make this candy order challenging. The level actually begins with the top row completely locked up, and the two rows after that do not contain any candies. This
means that from the start, special candies really play a big part. For more important tips and strategies for Candy Crush level 128, read on:

1. Break through candy jail:
This could only be done using vertical stripes, so make sure you make a number of these. Even
just one released candy from the locked up row would cause more candies to occupy the voided rows.

2. Make special candies and special candy combinations:
They are surprisingly easy to come by specials in this level, so maximize the opportunity! Try to
get a pair of color bombs or a pair of wrapped candies for these combinations clears the most number
of candies, and red ones, too!

3. Use your last moves to clear the remaining red ones:
Always be conscious about how many red candies and moves left so you could strategize

4. Work from the bottom:
They clear more candies via the cascade effect, so take advantage of this again.

5. Save up on free boosters and spin the pink wheel today!

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