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Candy Crush Level 129 Guide

Available Moves: 9 moves
Goal: Collect candies (13 blue, 13 orange, and 13 green candies)
Target Score: 10,000 points
Two Stars: 15,000 points
Three Stars: 25,000 points

This level is really interesting for most players because the only candies you can work with are the ones given initially. This means that no new candies would come in to replace the ones you’ve cleared. This becomes a problem because unless you manage to release majority of the locked up candies, you wouldn’t have enough candies to reach the 39 required candies. There are also only 9 moves but this shouldn’t be a problem if you optimize special candies. For more effective tips and
strategize for Candy Crush level 129:

1. Release the topmost row of locked up candies.
If there are blue, orange, or green locked up candies on the topmost row, be sure to release
them first before anything else. Make sure you have enough free candies to achieve the goal of this level.

2. Make special candies:
9 moves won’t be enough to get you all 39 candies you need, so take advantage of special
candies especially color bombs that could help you in the candy orders.

3. Keep an eye on how many more candies you need:
You must know at all times where you are with the goal and target score so you know which
moves to make using your final moves.

4. Have fun clearing candies in this level, but don’t forget to pick up your daily free booster from the spinning wheel! Good luck!

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