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Candy Crush Level 13 Guide

Candy Crush Level 13 Guide


Available Moves: 21

Goal:Clear all jelly (23 single coated jelly frames)
One Star: 23,000 points
Two Stars: 28,000 points
Three Stars: 30,000 points
When Candy Crush requires you to clear jellies that are amounts to even more than the available moves, you know that it is not easy. Level 13 is a perfect example of that. Moreover, the game board in this level is really hard to work with, especially with four voids that could really limit the production of special candies. It may take you a few tries to actually crack this one, so better take these effective tips with you:
1. Tricky jellies first.
For this level, the upper jellies are the hardest to clear, so clear those off with your initial moves if possible. If not, well, don’t worry, you can always cascade effect your way through all those jellies, remember that!
2. Try to get as much special candies as you can!
The best special candy combination to get in this level is a colour bomb + striped candy combination. Just try not to detonate solo special candies so you can actually maximize their effects!
3. Do not waste moves
I must emphasize: you only have 21 moves to clear out 23 jellies. There is a sense of urgency, really! Do not make moves that won’t be clearing jellies UNLESS said moves would form special candies. Whatever you do, focus on clearing out the jellies. Never mind the target score; you would surely get that once you manage to clear the jellies.
4. Save up on your special candies.
If you haven’t noticed it yet, the levels are getting harder and harder. It won’t get easy from here, so be prepared. Spin that booster wheel every day, and don’t use up the boosters yet. Save it for the rainy days.

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