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Candy Crush Level 131 Guide

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Candy order (5 striped candies)
Target Score: 10,000 points
Two Stars: 70,000 points
Three Stars: 100,000 points

If you are one of the Candy Crush nerves who don’t move on to the next level unless you’ve earned three stars on the preceding level, let me tell you as early as now that Level 131 will get you stuck! It is very hard to earn even just two stars in this level even if the goal is not really that difficult. It may take you a few tries before you crack this case, but it is very possible to get this immediately if you are lucky enough. See, the big challenge in this level is the way the game board is set up. For effective tips and strategies to get over this huge challenge, read on:

1. Clear the chocolate!
There is only one chocolate bar in this level, but it could cause you a great deal if you don’t clear
it right away. It is located in the lower right pane. It could take over the whole pane if not addressed

2. Clear the candy bomb:
There is also only one bomb, but you know what happens when it is not detonated immediately!
It is located in the lower left pane, so make sure you defuse it!

3. Make striped candies:
That’s the goal, straight up! Remember that the panes are not connected in any way, so you’ll
have to rely on each pane as a whole board.

4. Try and try again if you fail. Use a booster if you want to speed up the process, but don’t forget to replenish your supply by spinning the daily booster wheel. Have fun!

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