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Candy Crush Level 132 Guide

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Candy order (1 wrapped candy + color bomb combo and 1 striped candy + color bomb combo)
Target Score: 20,000 points
Two Stars: 50,000 points
Three Stars: 80,000 points

It is generally hard in itself to get two color bombs in one level, and this one requires us to pair said color bombs with other special candies, too! It’s a good thing that there are only 5 colors to contend with, making it easier to make specials. It sure is tricky still, because there is a peppermint row that you have to break through first to make way for a wider playing area for you to form your special candies on. It may take you multiple tries to crack this case, so better take these important tips and
strategies when going through this level:

1. Break through the peppermint row:
It is impossible to make color bombs with the peppermint row being intact, so clear at least half
of it so you may be able to make special candies.

2. Form whatever special candy you can make:
Even if you already have a striped candy somewhere in the board, make more. You don’t know if
your specials would detonate accidentally so it would be better to have reserves.

3. Be careful.
Wrapped candies could cause all the saved up specials you have to go to waste when detonated
near them/ Make sure to strategize well before you move so you don’t detonate wrapped candies

4. Wish yourself luck! Honestly, this level depends so much on blind luck. Use boosters if you want to add to your luck, but be sure to replenish it with a new one from the daily booster wheel. Good luck!

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