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Candy Crush Level 135 Guide

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Candy order (5 color bombs)
Target Score: 10,000 points
Two Stars: 70,000 points
Three Stars: 95,000 points

50 moves to get 5 color bombs mean that in average, you need to get one color bomb in every 10 moves. Now believe it or not, this is actually possible. There are, however, two chocolate spawns that could come back to bite you if not taken care of immediately. The target score is very achievable, and there are also only 5 colors in this level, making it relatively easy to make color bombs. When luck is onyour side, this could be a piece of cake level. If not, though, then you are really going to need the following tips and strategies to get past this level:

1. Work from the bottom:
Working from the bottom allows you to keep the chocolate spawns at bay, even if you can’t take
them out fully. Also, this strategy allows you to take advantage of the cascade effect, something that
could possibly earn you free color bombs via accidental combinations:

2. Use your color bombs well:
I know you have been trained to look for other special candies to pair your color bombs with,
but since the goal of this level is just to get 5 color bombs, it would be best if you just use your first color
bomb to clear out one color (pair it with any regular candy) to pave the way for the next color bombs. It
is a bad idea in this level to pair two color bombs because that would only make the next ones harder to
come by!

3. Good luck! And don’t forget to claim your daily free booster!

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