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Candy Crush Level 14 Guide

Candy Crush Level 14 Guide


Available Moves: 40

Goal: Clear all jelly (45 single coated jelly frames)

One Star: 45,000 points
Two Stars: 75,000 points
Three Stars: 100,000 points

Here I commend your Candy Crush skills if you crack this one in one try! It is really challenging, especially the corner and middle jellies. Those are the ones most often left out, so you might want to give them more attention and strategy. Special candies would help you get through this, and so will the following tips:

1. Tricky jellies first!
Give attention to those corner jellies and the one on the middle, for those are the hardest ones to clear. Reset the game, too, so you can find game boards that would allow you to clear those tricky ones easily.

2. Try to set up wrapped candies through those corners.
See, wrapped candies are hard to come by accidentally, and more often than not, you have to set the candies up yourself. It is worth the challenge, though, for wrapped candies can help in clearing those stubborn corners! Two wrapped candies matched together are extra powerful, so it’s best if you can come up with that one.

3. Take advantage of the cascade effect.
If there are no special candies in the making currently on-screen, just make regular combinations in the bottom part, so that more candies would shift around, clearing candies and even setting up special candies for you!

4. Do not block the unjellied parts out of your sight.
Special candy opportunities might be lurking there; look out!

5. Have you spun the free booster wheel today?

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