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Candy Crush Level 140 Guide

Available Moves: 45 moves
Goal: Candy order (99 red, 99 orange, and 99 yellow candies)
Target Score: 30,000 points
Two Stars: 80,000 points
Three Stars: 100,000 points

Level 140 is actually the last level for the Wafer Wharf episode, so naturally it is a tough one tocrack. However, it is not very frustrating or annoying like the other difficult levels. Why? Well, there are no blockers in this level! No candy bombs, no meringue, no peppermint, no candy jail, no chocolates, not even a single licorice swirl to spoil your game! The goal is quite challenging, though. 99 red, 99 orange and 99 yellows equate to 297 candy orders all in all requires you to get at least 7 of the required colors with every move. This level is really tough; you need the following tips and strategies:

1. Get rid of the colors you don’t need:
Purple and green candies are nuisances, so clear them so that more red, orange, and yellow
candies could take their place.

2. Mix and match special candies:
A color bomb + striped candy combination would get you most of the candies you need, so
strive to get that combination.

3. Work from the bottom:
Cascades clear more candies than working from the top.

4. Congratulations on finishing your Wafer Wharf episode! Now get a free treat from the daily booster wheel!

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