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Candy Crush Level 146 Guide

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Candy order (99 orange, 99 purple, and 13 striped candies)
Target Score: 40,000 points
Two Stars: 80,000 points
Three Stars: 100,000 points

There are multiple blockers present at this level: peppermint, licorice, and even some locked up candies on the corners. They all limit your working area, so you need to clear majority of them so you’ll have an easier time getting all 211 candies you need to pass the level. This wouldn’t be a very easy task,but you will have 50 moves to strategize well. You also have only 5 colors to attend to, so making specials will be an easier task. The target score is also easy to reach; you can even get three stars if you take note of the following tips and strategies for Candy Crush level 146:

1. Break through the lot of peppermint and meringue:
Just try to reach the bottom of the board by clearing out as many blockers as you can; use your
initial moves. Prioritize moves that would clear the most number of blockers immediately.

2. Make special candies and special candy combinations:
But do not make wrapped candies, as they are not advisable for this level. Opt for striped
candies (part of the candy order) and color bombs. Better yet, pair a color bombs with a striped candy.
This would satisfy the striped candy order and would even help with the other orders required to pass
the level.

3. Work from the bottom:
Cascades are definitely helpful as usual, so work from the bottom up.

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