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Candy Crush Level 151 Guide

Available Moves: All you can do in 90 seconds
Goal: Earn at least one star within the allotted time limit
Target Score: 35,000 points
Two Stars: 45,000 points
Three Stars: 60,000 points

Level 151 is just another timed level made more complicated by the presence of gingerbread and confusing portals. There are no chocolates nor time bombs to worry about, so mostly this will be a practice in quickly destroying gingerbreads because I kid you not: you will not reach the target score unless you demolish most, if not all, of the gingerbread. Lucky for you, you have 90 seconds to complete the task. There are also only 5 colors on screen, so as soon as you get rid of the blockers, you’ll have an easy time doing cascade shots and making special candies, even earning time bonuses! This level need not be difficult; just take note of the following tips and strategies for Candy Crush level 151:

1. Understand how the board works:
Know how the portals connect to one another. Knowing this would help you gage where to
make your next moves if you want cascades, specials, or time bonuses. Assess and strategize accordingly.

2. Get rid of the blockers!
Now you need to do this as quickly as you can. Prioritize moves that clear multiple blockers at
once over those that clear just one.

3. Mix and match specials:
This is the easiest way to turn candies into points in a short span of time. Work from the bottom
all the time to maximize accidental production of specials and then pair specials with one another for
best results.

4. Be quick! Earn a lot of time bonuses so you can extend the time. Have fun, too, and don’t forget to
claim one free booster from the spinning wheel today!

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