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Candy Crush Level 16 Guide

Candy Crush Level 16 Guide


Available Moves: 30 moves

Goal: Clear all jelly (72 single coated jelly frames)

One Star: 75,000 points
Two Stars: 150,000 points
Three Stars: 230,000 points

30 moves to clear out 72 jellies?! Candy Crush has gone crazy, don’t you think? Well, no, not really. See, this level is not as hard at it looks like on paper. Initially, the candies will form a heart shape. Afterwards, they will all fall flat to the all the slots, even clearing out most of the jellies for you. There are actually no tricky corners or voids, so this level is not as difficult as it sounds. To make it even simpler, here are some effective tips you must remember:

1. Reset the game…
if the original setup didn’t clear much of the jellies.

2. Get a special candy combo:
The one that could work wonders in this level is the colour bomb + striped candy combination. This can achieve your goal with less than 10 moves! Make sure that opportunities to make special candies do not leave your sight.

3. Keep track of the jellies:
Don’t be so caught up with making special candies; you might be missing some jellies. Make sure you focus on clearing the jellies with as few moves as possible. After all, leftover moves would activate a swarm of jelly fish just waiting to bestow upon you thousands of points!

4. Work from the bottom:
If not special candies are available in the making, just make regular combinations in the lower portion of the board for maximum cascading effect.


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