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Candy Crush Level 165 Guide

Available Moves: 60 moves
Goal: Candy order (99 blue, 49 yellow, and 24 green candies)
Target Score: 50,000 points
Two Stars: 80,000 points
Three Stars: 120,000 points

With level 165, you’ll feel like all candy crush nuisances are ganging up against you all at once. First, there are a lot of chocolates given initially. Next, on top of the given chocolates, there are also four chocolate fountains just waiting to spew out more. There are also 7-move bombs that appear periodically, and did I mention that all six colors are present in this level? The candy orders are not that easy to get, too. All in all you need 172 candies but only have 60 moves to get them and take care of the aforementioned nuisances too. Man, you are really going to need the following tips and strategies for Candy Crush level 165:

1. Demolish the chocolates given initially!
Seriously, they are too many, and they take up so many slots! Demolish them so that new candies could take their place. Prioritize moves that clear up multiple chocolates over ones that clear just one or two.

2. Take care of candy bombs:
Just detonate them at once so you won’t have to worry about them once the time is almost gone.

3. Mix and match special candies:
This is the easiest way to clear out chocolates, detonate bombs, and get the candy orders required to pass the level. Just try and get good ones such as a pair of wrapped or a pair of color bombs.

4. Good luck, have fun, and go get yourself a free treat from the spinning wheel!

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