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Candy Crush Level 167 Guide

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (32 single coated and 33 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 80,000 points
Two Stars: 140,000 points
Three Stars: 190,000 points

Meringues stage a comeback with Candy Crush level 167, and this time they hide single coated jellies under them! The jellies that you see at once are double coated. You have 50 moves to clear all these, which shouldn’t be hard except that you have all six colors to deal with in this level and 4 chocolate fountains are located in corners, just waiting to pounce on your jellies. This level is a really challenging one, and you might have to try again and again before you full crack it, so here are some effective tips and strategies for Candy Crush level 167:

1. Break through the meringue:
Don’t hesitate; the chocolate fountains need to be released anyway, for there are jellies adjacent to them. Just clear the meringue and the jellies hidden underneath and worry about the chocolates later.

2. Make special candies:
Once more candies have gotten in; try to make wrapped candies to help you in breaking through the meringue! A pair of color bombs would be ideal, though.

3. Don’t forget the middle part:
Don’t obsess on the single coated jellies too much and remember that the ones in the middle need clearing, too. Just work on the single coated and double coated ones simultaneously.

4. Check the chocolate situation:
Once you have released the chocolate fountains, just keep their spawns at bay by clearing at least one with every move.

5. Good luck, have fun, and go visit the spinning wheel afterwards!

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