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Candy Crush Level 17 Guide

Candy Crush Level 17 Guid


Available Moves: 19 moves
Goal: Bring down all ingredients (4 apples)level-17.2
One Star: 40,000 points
Two Stars: 50,000 points
Three Stars: 60,000 points
With such a weirdly shaped board and only 19 moves to bring down 4 ingredients, Level 17 could easily be the hardest level in the Candy Factory episode. This surely provided the first taste of getting really stuck for candy crushers who came before us, and it is very easy for us to also fall prey to this level’s challenges. That’s why it is very important for you to bear in mind these effective tips and strategies:
1. Reset the board when you see that it’s hard to work with.
Bear in mind that this level is challenging, so you’d need all the luck and help you can get. The first one you should get is a lucky board (those with special candy opportunities and available combinations UNDER the ingredients). Reset until you find one like this!
2. Tricky ones first!
For this level, the leftmost and the rightmost apples are the hardest to slide down, so make sure you deal with those ones first! You can also try switching those corner ingredients into inner columns where they have better chances of getting dropped!
3. Make vertical stripes:
This is a sure fire way of dropping those required ingredients! If you manage to bring your ingredients to stay in one column, a sole vertical stripe would actually get the job done for you!

4. Avoid getting two of the same colour stuck underneath the ingredients.
It’s a trap!!!

5. Good luck, have fun, and actually check if you’ve spun the daily booster wheel!

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