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Candy Crush Level 170 Guide

Available Moves: 30 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (55 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 110,000 points
Two Stars: 220,000 points
Three Stars: 260,000 points

You know what really grinds my gears? Candy Crush boards that take a really awkward figure complete with chocolate fountains and blockers everywhere. And this is exactly what level 170 looks like. You can tell from the look of the board that this is not going to be easy. Add that to the fact that you actually have 55 double coated jellies to clear using only 30 moves and I’m sure you’d get sick just by thinking about it. It’s a good thing you have a lot of boosters by now, isn’t it? I highly recommend using some of them for this level, like how I recommend the following tips and strategies:

1. Do not release the locked up candies at once:
They keep the chocolates from spreading, so it is ideal to keep them intact for as long as possible. Work from the upper part first to avoid accidentally releasing the locked up candies.

2. Make special candy combinations:
The best one to deal with all these jellies is a pair of wrapped or a pair of color bombs. Just use whatever is available; can’t be too picky with 5 colors on board!

3. Clear the corners whenever you can:
They are very tricky, so clear them out first if that is possible.

4. Don’t let chocolates spread too much:
Just one chocolate cleared per move is enough. Just be patient and you’ll clear them in no time.

5. If you fail the level, just try again, and try activating some boosters this time. A color bomb to start the level would be nice.

6. Have you spun the daily booster wheel today?

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