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Candy Crush Level 176 Guide

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Special candy order (2 color bombs)
Target Score: 10,000 points
Two Stars: 25,000 points
Three Stars: 50,000 points

Level 176 is another play at cupcakes, because it would be near impossible to create color bombs with all these blockers around, much less get two color bombs, get them together, and then match them! You need to clear at least half of the cupcakes that originally appear on screen before you can even begin working on the special orders. The problem you will most likely be faced with is the fact that there are all six colors in this level, but aside from that and the fact that there are a lot of blockers, you need not worry too much, especially if you remember the following tips and strategies:

1. Work on one side of the board first:
Commit to one side; there’s no way you can clear all blockers on the whole board and still have enough moves to get you the special orders you need.

2. Do not pair your first color bomb with another special candy:
Remember that you need to detonate two color bombs; it is not necessary to pair them with each other. Use the first color bomb you get to eliminate one color from the board, making it easier for you to get the second color bomb you need.

3. Stay away from wrapped candies:
They could cause you a great deal when accidentally detonated; they could even cause your potential color bombs to scatter away, so just stay away from them in this level.

4. Have fun getting color bombs, but remember to pick up one free booster from the spinning wheel today!

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