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Candy Crush Level 177 Guide

Available Moves: All you can do in 1 minute
Goal: Earn at least one star within the allotted time limit.
Target Score: 15,000 points
Two Stars: 25,000 points
Three Stars: 50,000 points

Level 177 is a timed level made more challenging with the presence of four cupcake blockers blocking the way of candies from one pane to another. See, the two panes you see are connected via portals, and once you clear the 4 cupcakes, candies would fall from one pane to another, making the playing area wider, and thus giving you more space to work with. There are 5 colors in this level you need to work with, so that should help you in the production of specials. This should be a pretty easy one if you follow these tips and strategies for Candy Crush level 177:

1. Act quickly:
Most of the timed levels you took on before this one had 2 minutes allotted time. Well, this one only has 1 minute to get the 15,000 points required, so you need to step up your pace.

2. Demolish the blockers:
You need a wider space than the one originally given, so clear the blockers so you could utilize the other pane for your goal.

3. Work from the bottom:
Technically, the “bottom” is the right pane, so as soon as candies become available in that area,focus on making combinations there so you get to maximize the cascades.

4. Mix and match special candies:
This is the best way to earn big bonuses and time extensions. Try to get a pair of color bombs,too.

5. Have fun, but don’t forget to spin the wheel today!

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