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Candy Crush Level 179 Guide

Available Moves: 45 moves
Goal: Special candy order (2 color bombs)
Target Score: 10,000 points
Two Stars: 65,000 points
Three Stars: 75,000 points

You know you have it bad when you only have three rows of candies showing at the beginning of the level. This is because you have a row of cupcake blockers at the bottom of the rows, and an entire row on top made with nothing but licorice swirls. It would take a lot of moves just getting rid of these blockers, and once you do, the chocolate fountains would start spewing out chocolates that could really prove problematic when not addressed immediately. This level needs a lot of careful planning, and the following tips and strategies could really help:

1. Get rid of the blockers:
Both licorice and cupcakes limit the space you work with, so it is better to just get rid of all of them. Use other special candies to deal with them. Wrapped candies are especially useful when getting rid of blockers, so if you could score pair of wrapped candies, then does it.

2. Stay away from wrapped candies:
Once the blockers are gone, and then stop making wrapped candies because they spoil opportunities to make color bombs.

3. Check the chocolate situation:
Just don’t let them spread out too much. One chocolate cleared per move would suffice.

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