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Candy Crush Level 18 Guide

Candy Crush Level 18 Guide


Available Moves: level-18.216 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (20 double coated jelly frames)
One Star: 40,000 points
Two Stars: 65,000 points
Three Stars: 85,000 points
In this level, you are introduced to the double coated jelly – jellies that require twice clearing. So technically, there are 40 jellies, because each of the 20 jellies has another layer underneath. No need to worry, though, this level is still manageable. If you remember these tips well, I’m sure you won’t take long:
1. Find your lucky board.
For this level, there are only four candies playable. This means there is a big chance of getting a special candy on your first move! Reset the game until you find one board that will allow you to have a colour bomb on the first move.
2. Continue making special candies and mixing them:
It is almost impossible to run out of special candies in this level, so just keep looking! A pair of colour bombs is what you would want best to work around those candies that are in the immediate vicinity of the cross-void.

3. Work from the bottom:
If you do, however, run out of special candies; just keep on making regular combinations on the lower portion of the game board. Cascade effects are especially effective in this level that only has four colours. Always be mindful of how many moves and jellies you have left, though! Make sure you have enough to clear that final stubborn candy!
4. Double-check the spinning wheel! Don’t miss out in freebies!

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