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Candy Crush Level 182 Guide

Available Moves: All you can do in 2 minutes
Goal: Earn at least one star within the allotted time limit.
Target Score: 30,000 points
Two Stars: 40,000 points
Three Stars: 55,000 points

Level 182 is not any timed level. There are a lot of hurdles in this one that you’d think this is actually a jelly level. First up, there are 4 bombs that have 10 moves each on them. There are also annoying blockers like licorice swirls and cupcake blocks. To top it off, there are two chocolate spawns threatening to multiply if not cleared immediately. The only good thing about this level is that you only have 5 colors to contend with, but this blessing is quickly negated by the fact that you can’t possibly make a color bomb in this level because your board is divided into four, with each pane only having 4×4 dimensions. Ready? Don’t fret too much! Just remember the following tips and strategies for Candy
Crush level 182:

1. Know which of the blockers you have to deal with first:
I say take care of the chocolates first, then the bombs. See it would be hard if one of your four panes would be filled with chocolates – that would limit you further than you already are. Try to clear all chocolates with one just move so you could switch to taking care of the bombs next.

2. Clear the cupcake blockers:
The four panes are actually connected via portals, so unless so manage to clear some of the cupcake blockers, more candies won’t be able to fall through the two right panes. Again this would cause you to run out of moves before you acquire the score, so it would be best to remove these blockers out of the way.

3. Make regular combinations quickly:
Specials are really hard to come by in this level, so I suggest just make regular 3-candy combinations and then make them quickly so you will earn a lot of time bonuses to extend your 2-minute allotted time.

4. Good luck with this level! Make sure you spin the free booster wheel once you’re done with this one.

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