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Candy Crush Level 188 Guide

Available Moves: 25 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (5 single coated and 32 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 70,000 points
Two Stars: 150,000 points
Three Stars: 190,000 points

The game board in this level takes on a really awkward shape, making some jellies very hard to clear. These are the ones on the first and second rows. Thankfully, we have 8 marmalade-concealed special candies you can use to clear those tricky ones. There are still the chocolates and peppermint to deal with, though. There are 37 jellies all in all, and it is very possible to clear them all with only 25 moves if you manage to make the right combinations and if you don’t forget the following tips and strategies:

1. Clear the chocolates:
Whatever you do, clear them first before you clear the marmalade so you eliminate the risk of chocolates eating up your free special candies. Do this while also clearing peppermint and meringues along the way.

2. Release the marmalade-covered specials:
Release them at once so they could take care of the tricky ones first, and you can strategize accordingly once that’s done.

3. Get more special candies and pair them with each other:
25 moves won’t be enough if you don’t get multiple special combos in this level, so make the conscious effort to find some. Favorites for this level are a pair of color bombs and a pair of wrapped candies.

4. Have you spun the free booster wheel today yet?

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