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Candy Crush Level 191 Guide

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (77 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 170,000 points
Two Stars: 280,000 points
Three Stars: 310,000 points

In Candy Crush level 191, there are more candies to clear than there are available moves. This is a quick sign that this level is not going to be easy. Add that to the fact that there are a number of gingerbread blockers that take so much time to clear and three locked up candy bombs that threaten to make you lose the game when not all detonated within the first 25 moves. Most of the time you’ll feel like 50 moves is not enough, but it sure is if you are lucky enough to get a good board. If not, well, just bank on the following tips and strategies to see you through:

1. Release and activate the striped candy in the middle:
See that striped candy covered up in by marmalade in the middle of your board? What you have to do first and foremost is to be careful with it. Make sure you are able to remove the marmalade without shifting the location of the striped candy. Activate it, so that the other free candies (wrapped ones) could fall near the bombs. Once there are wrapped candies near the bombs, it would be easy to detonate them. Do that next.

2. Demolish the gingerbread blockers:
A large number of jellies would be inaccessible with these blockers intact, so make the conscious effort to take out each and every one of them. You’ll be thankful for it later.

3. Use special candies:
Once the blockers and the bombs are out, optimize special candies to work with your jellies. Try to get a pair of wrapped candies or a pair of color bombs for optimal results, but any special combo would be helpful in varying levels.

4. Have you spun the daily booster wheel today?

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