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Candy Crush Level 192 Guide

Available Moves: 8 moves
Goal: Special candy order (6 striped candies)
Target Score: 6,000 points
Two Stars: 18,000 points
Three Stars: 28,000 points

Level 192 is strange in a way that it does not spawn any new candies. You have to just work with whatever it is that are originally given to you. 6 striped candies in 8 moves seem like a challenge, but seeing as there are already 6 striped candies on board, albeit hidden by marmalade, this deal doesn’t seem to be that bad after all! The fact remains that 8 moves are quite scarce, and you really have to strategize and plan your moves well to be successful in this level. Here’s how:

1. Remove the marmalade:
The goal is to release first all special candies before you work on detonating them all at the same time. Prioritize moves that would clear multiple marmalade coverings than those that clear only one.

2. Plan, plan, plan!
Really, this is just the way to conquer the level. All the candies you will be using are laid out in front of you from the beginning, so you have no excuse not to foresee the next moves you are going to make. If you cannot make more striped candies, just plan on how you will activate all 6 that are given to you for free.

3. Have fun in this level, and don’t forget to claim one free booster from the spinning wheel afterwards.
Good luck!

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