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Candy Crush Level 194 Guide

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (19 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 35,000 points
Two Stars: 75,000 points
Three Stars: 105,000 points

Level 194 is one of those levels that have strange-looking boards, but this one’s pretty generic.There are two columns filled with cupcake blockers (these take 5 hits to destroy). Sandwiched between these cupcake walls are 19 double layered jellies that you have to clear. The bottom part of the board is irregular, making jellies in those parts hard to clear. Thankfully, there are three free vertical stripes to take care of these tricky ones, but they are suspended via marmalades that could only be cleared when some of the cupcakes are gone. For effective tips and strategies to see you through Candy Crush level 194, read on:

1. Clear some of the cupcakes:
Flash news: you don’t actually need to clear all cupcake blockers that are on board. Just clear a few ones up top release the meringue, and you’ll have new candies falling to the jellies that need clearing.

2. Release the striped candies suspended by marmalade:
This is what gets you going. Without releasing these, some candies won’t be cleared. Detonate them at once and do not ever swap the candies to other columns.

3. Make combinations inside the jellies:
Do not fixate on clearing blockers and remember that you can clear jellies by making combinations with them. Make special candies within the cupcake walls if you can, for optimal results.

4. Have your go at the spinning wheel today! Who knows, you might get lucky and win the jackpot!

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