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Candy Crush Level 198 Guide

Available Moves: All you can do in one minute
Goal: Earn at least one star within the allotted time limit.
Target Score: 15,000 points
Two Stars: 20,000 points
Three Stars: 30,000 points

Level 198’s board has a lot of voids in it, making the production of combinations limited. It could get really frustrating especially when candies change track. Players have a hard time looking for combinations, making them waste a lot of time just by looking for the next possible move. Candy shuffles also happen often in this level, making you waste precious time if you are playing on Facebook version. Special candies are hard to come by in this level, so just focus on making regular combinations quickly. For more effective tips and strategies for Candy Crush level 198, read on:

1. Clear the marmalade-covered specials and activate them:
These specials would earn you big points, so activate them immediately. Make sure you act quickly so you may be able to earn +5 candies that could extend the time limit.

2. Play on mobile:
Facebook versions subtract the time needed to shuffle the candies, but on mobile it doesn’t count, so it is more ideal to play on mobile.

3. Act quickly:
If you can’t make special candies, just make regular ones in quick succession so you could earn time bonuses.

4. Relax, have fun, and go get yourself a treat from the free booster wheel afterwards. Good luck!

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