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Candy Crush Level 2 Guide

Candy Crush Level 2 Guide


Available Moves: 15 moves
Goal: Get at least one star within the given available moves
One Star: 1,900 points
Two Stars: 2,100 points
Three Stars: 2,400 points
Level 2 is still an introductory level, and I’m sure you won’t have any problems cracking this one. However, you will be introduced to special candies in this level. So, this guide will tell you more on how to make special candies and special candy combinations. These score magnets will really help you later on, so read up!
Special candies:
1. The striped candy:
This is done by matching four candies of the same colour in linear fashion. Striped candies, when detonated, clear off either an entire row or an entire column. That’s pretty sweet, eh?
2. The wrapped candy:
To get a wrapped candy, you need to match four candies to make them form an ‘L’ or a ‘T’ shape. Detonating a wrapped candy would clear all candies that are in the immediate vicinity of the wrapped one.
3. The colour bomb:
Colour bombs form when you match five candies of the same colour. Colour bombs clear out all of one colour in the board. For instance, if you match a colour bomb with a blue candy, it will clear all blue candies that are present on screen.

Getting stars in Level 2 is a piece of cake especially with the help of the tall guide man. Just make sure to make a lot of special candies, so you can beat your friends’ high scores, too! Have fun!

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