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Candy Crush Level 20 Guide

Candy Crush Level 20 Guide


Available Moves: As much as you can in under a minute

Goal: Score at least one star in one minute

One Star: 15,000 points
Two Stars: 25,000 points
Three Stars: 45,000 points

This is the first timed level! It’s pretty simple, since it’s just the introductory for timed levels, so you shouldn’t have any problems finishing this level. Challenge yourself and raise the bar very high. Set your goal not only in getting a star; aim for three! Here’s how you can do that (and maybe beat your friends’ scores, too!)

1. Do not waste time!
It’s a race against time, so you cannot waste even one second. It’s just a minute! So, just make the first combination your eyes see. I’m sure by now your eyes are trained to scout special candies, so there shouldn’t be a problem! Candy Crush also gives out +5 second bonus for fast combos, so make one combination after the other to score these bonuses!

2. Choose the version you’d like to play.
Slow devices/connections can really affect your game, so if your internet is faster than your device, play on the Facebook version.

3. Once you have reached the goal, leave the +5 bonus candies alone.
They turn into special candies when time is over, so they will really cause your score to soar sky high.

4. Have fun! Try not to panic too much, and don’t forget to claim your daily free booster by spinning the wheel!

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