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Candy Crush Level 206 Guide

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Special candy order (5 color bombs)
Target Score: 25,000 points
Two Stars: 55,000 points
Three Stars: 75,000 points

With only 5 colors on screen, getting 2 color bombs should be a piece of cake in this level since 3 of the 5 required are already given for free. Even if there are cupcake blockers and licorice swirls hiding the color bombs, they are still easy to access especially with as many as 50 moves. The target scores are very achievable, too, so not only will it be possible for you to clear the level with just one try; you can even earn three stars while you’re at it. Here’s how:

1. Break through the cupcake blockers:
Be smart in breaking blockers. Make moves that would clear multiple blockers instead of moves that clear just one at a time. Work between columns, and make sure you are not wasting any moves that do not clear blockers.

2. Get rid of licorice swirls:
This is the next line of defense. Get rid of this and you can detonate your color bombs given for free.

3. Use color bombs to eliminate a color from the screen:
Do not pair two color bombs as this wouldn’t help in the production of more. Use one color bomb to eliminate a color from the screen so that more color bombs could be produced with ease.Work with forming more color bombs once the ones given are gone.

4. Have you spun the spinning wheel today?

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