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Candy Crush Level 224 Guide

Available Moves: 20 moves
Goal: Special candy order (20 striped candies and 1 color bomb + striped candy combo)
Target Score: 25,000 points
Two Stars: 55,000 points
Three Stars: 85,000 points

Isn’t it amazing when your special candy orders go together? Like, when satisfying one would also most likely satisfy the other? Well, that exactly is the deal with level 224. Get one color bomb +striped candy combination would most likely also satisfy the other order, which are 20 striped candies.It’s also a blessing that there are two specials given for free at the start of the level. One is a color bomb(figures) and the other is a striped candy. So basically, your goal in this level is to move around these given ingredients to satisfy the level’s goals! 20 moves should be enough to do this. Here’s how:

1. Release the color bomb and striped candies:
This is the first step, naturally. Remove the marmalade covering the free specials, and then work on bringing together the candy bomb and the striped candy. This would satisfy one special order and if you are very lucky, it would satisfy the other as well.

2. Work on the striped candies remaining:
If the special combo didn’t add up to 20 striped candies, just make some of your own. Do this quick and be mindful at all times of the available moves remaining for you.

3. Do not get distracted by the licorice swirls:
They come from up top, so there is no big reason to worry about them.

4. Have you spun the daily booster wheel today?

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