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Candy Crush Level 225 Guide

Available Moves: 25 moves
Goal: Bring down all ingredients (3 cherries)
Target Score: 30,000 points
Two Stars: 55,000 points
Three Stars: 80,000 points

Level 225 proves licorice swirls as seriously annoying because they won’t let up in this level.They will assert their place on your board as you vainly try to fight them off, while still working on dropping three ingredients down with only 25 moves. The worst thing about licorice swirls in this level is that they neutralize the powers of vertical stripes on ingredients unless you manage to switch your ingredients to columns that do not have candy cannons. Annoying as it may be, this level is still not very difficult. Here are some effective tips and strategies to easily conquer it:

1. Make combinations on the fourth and sixth columns:
Combinations done in these columns would clear multiple licorice swirls at once, so try making moves in mentioned columns before you do anything else.

2. Make wrapped candies:
They work best with clearing licorice swirls, so if you could get a couple of these, it would be good. If you could come up with a pair of wrapped candies, then all the better.

3. Use special candy combinations:
Once most of the licorice swirls are gone, your striped candies would once again be powerful.Get a couple of those and try pairing them with other specials such as wrapped candies or color bombs.

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