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Candy Crush Level 230 Guide

Available Moves: 55 moves
Goal: Bring down all ingredients (8 hazelnuts)
Target Score: 80,000 points
Two Stars: 140,000 points
Three Stars: 170,000 points

55 moves seem like too much to bring down just 8 ingredients, but most of the time they won’t even be enough with all these blockers on screen. There are only 12 regular candies showing when you start the game, so don’t have to be confused about your first moves. However, there are 4 candy cannons and 1 chocolate fountain waiting to pounce once you remove all the blockers on screen. This level is truly challenging that you would surely need the following tips and strategies:

1. Make sure that every move you make breaks off blockers:
There are a lot of blockers, so you might as well start early with trying to break through them.Prioritize moves that would clear multiple blockers over those that clear just one. Do this as quickly as possible so you could get to the bottom of the board.

2. Blast walls by a pair of wrapped candies:
This is still the easiest way to clear through blockers, so try to get this combination as soon as the board clears up enough spaces for more candies to spawn.

3. Make a lot of special candies:
Vertical stripes for well as usual with ingredients levels so get as many of those as possible. For optimal results, pair them with other special candies such as wrapped ones and color bombs.

4. Good luck and have fun! And once you’re done, go get yourself a treat from the spinning wheel! Let’s hope you hit the jackpot!

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