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Candy Crush Level 232 Guide

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Special candy order (5 pairs of striped candies)
Target Score: 35,000 points
Two Stars: 70,000 points
Three Stars: 95,000 points

Level 232 incorporates 8 surprise candies on its board, while having 3 time bombs locked up in some walls. These could be hard to detonate with all the peppermint blocking your way, so you better hope that the surprise candies are good ones such that they could detonate your time bombs. Striped candies are easy to handle especially that you need to make only 5 pairs of them. You have 50 moves to do all these, so let’s just hope that the surprise candies are all good inside. For effective tips and strategies for Candy Crush level 232, read on:

1. Activate the surprise candies at once:
The hope is that they would be enough to clear the time bombs and also some of the peppermint so you could afterwards focus on getting the special combinations needed to clear the level.Hope for a wrapped + striped candy on the middle and if that shows up, detonate them at once.

2. Clear up the blockers:
They limit your space, so get rid of them, while trying to make the striped candies you need to be successful in this level.

3. Focus on getting stripes:
You don’t need to make wrapped candies and color bombs if most of the blockers have already gone. They may even be detrimental to your striped candy production, so just stay away from forming them.

4. Have you spun the daily booster wheel today?

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