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Candy Crush Level 235 Guide

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (81 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 160,000 points
Two Stars: 280,000 points
Three Stars: 320,000 points

There are 8 surprise candies for Candy Crush level 235, but you first have to dig deep a midst a huge amount of gingerbread blockers before you could access them. There are a lot of jellies in this level, and some are located underneath thick blockers, so you need to make a lot of good combinations and special ones, too. Much of these would be dependent on luck, so just play the level enough times to see if you get lucky next time if you fail your first try. The following tips and strategies could also help:

1. Blast your way through the gingerbread blockers.
Clear the board enough to be able to make wrapped candies, and use those to clear the rest of the blockers. A pair of wrapped candies would be most ideal so try to get that one. It shouldn’t be impossible with only 5 colors on screen; just make the conscious effort!

2. Release the surprise candies:
Once surprises become accessible, activate them right away and just hope for more wrapped candies!

3. Focus on the jellies:
All 81 jellies need your full attention, so don’t make any moves that will not clear multiple jellies.

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