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Candy Crush Level 24 Guide

Available Moves: 20 moves
Goal: Bring down all ingredients (one apple and one cherry)
Target Score: 20,000 points
Two Stars: 50,000 points
Three Stars: 75,000 points

The game board in this level is pretty narrow, but it has some tricky features that could make you waste your moves if you don’t work around them well. The chances of scoring special candies and
special candy combinations are high, so you could easily drop your ingredients down provided that you didn’t waste much of your 20 moves. It’s dangerous to go alone; take these effective strategies with you:

1. Do not be fooled by the voids.
There are voids in your game board that make it look like they are going to get your ingredients
stuck, so your tendency is to switch your ingredients to the columns that don’t have voids. This tendency will cause you to waste moves, so don’t. What you don’t know is that the voids aren’t really voids; meaning, your ingredients will just pass through them instead of getting stuck above the voids. No need to swap your ingredients in columns that don’t have voids!

2. Look for a lot of special candies and special candy combinations.
Especially if you want to hit that three-star mark, you have to look for huge special combinations. A pair of colour bomb + striped candy can cause your ingredients to drop at a moment’s notice. This way, you will have available moves left after you reach the goal, and these will convert candies to candy stripes and will cause your score to sky rocket!

3. Once you’re done with this level, check if you have spun the free booster wheel for today!

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