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Candy Crush Level 269 Guide

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (16 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 30,000 points
Two Stars: 100,000 points
Three Stars:120,000 points

The board in this level takes on a very weird look. There is a square island on the lower left side of the screen. This is where all 16 jellies are located, and each one has a licorice swirl on top of it. There are also four candy cannons on top of the island that could only mean one thing: candy bombs are coming. The rest of the board is equipped with the things you need in order to clear the licorice and jellies. There are 8 jelly fish and 1 color bomb covered with marmalade here. All 6 colors are present here, so specials could be hard to come by. If you need help on this rather challenging level, read on:

1. Use jelly fish to your advantage:
Clear some licorice with regular jelly fish, and then when regular candies start to take the place of the licorice swirls on the island, that’s when you should use special jelly fish. Pair a jelly fish with a wrapped candy and they’d clear a significant amount of licorice and jellies for you.

2. Save the color bomb for later:
The color bomb must be used when there are no more licorice swirls on the island. It would be best when you pair a striped candy with a color bomb. This would win the level if you’re not very unlucky!

3. Take care of bombs:
There would be bombs falling to the island, so you’ve got to be on your toes at all times. Use special candies and regular combinations to get rid of the bombs immediately.

4. Don’t forget to claim a free booster from the spinning wheel today! Good luck!

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