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Candy Crush Level 27 Guide

level27Available Moves: All you can make in under a minute
Goal: Earn at least one star in one minute
Target Score: 40,000 points
Two Stars: 60,000 points
Three Stars: 100,000 points

Level 27 is a timed level, meaning the goal is to score at least one star within the given allotted time (which is one minute) It is very likely that first timers will fail in this level since 40,000 points are a lot. However, all you need to know is how the scoring system works, and I’m sure you’ll be in and out of this level in no time. Timed levels are the most exciting, so I know you can’t wait to try this one out!
Here, have these effective tips and strategies for this very exciting level:

1. Work from the bottom:
Working from the bottom entitles you to cascade combinations that will not only add to your
score, but can also earn you instant special candies and time bonuses.

2. Clear the meringue!
Clearing blockers in timed levels earns you a lot of points, so try to clear as much of the
meringue as you can.

3. Make consecutive moves quickly!
5 consecutive moves done quickly gives you +5 second time bonuses, so be sure to be quick and
look for combinations while making another!

4. Leave special candies and time bonuses alone once you’ve reached the one-star mark!
These candies would earn even more points after the time allotted has passed. So, if you’re
aiming for three stars, make sure you leave a number of these candies by the end of the minute!

5. Check the spinning wheel: have you claimed your daily booster?

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