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Candy Crush Level 275 Guide

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (65 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 130,000 points
Two Stars: 230,000 points
Three Stars: 270,000 points

Level 275 is one of the craziest levels in the whole saga. Really, this level is very difficult! For one, there are more jellies to clear than there are moves available, and each one of the 65 jelly frames are double coated, so all in all, you have to clear 130 jellies in just 50 moves. There are also 2 chocolate fountains spewing out chocolates on either side of the board. Chocolates make the double layered jellies triple layered, so chocolates are really a threat, as well as the two candy cannons spewing out 8- move bombs one after the other. All I can say is, what a way to end the episode! This one’s really annoying and frustrating, so it might help to remember the following tips and strategies:

1. Start from the middle columns:
Clear jellies on the middle part first so you could stall the onslaught of the candy bombs. Move to the bottom part next, clearing the sides first.

2. Do not let the chocolates spread:
The jellies are already too much to handle, and letting the chocolates spread would only cause them to be more inaccessible.

3. Detonate bombs at once.
Try as you might to stall, the bombs will be released at one point in this level and you can do nothing about it. Just try to detonate each bomb as soon as they pop out so you wouldn’t have to deal with one too many all at once.

4. Make special combinations:
This is the only way to make sure your 30 moves would be enough. A color bomb + striped candy combination would be very good in this level.

5. Congratulations on finishing the episode! Now treat yourself to one free booster care of the spinning wheel!

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