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Candy Crush Level 285 Guide

Available Moves: 50 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (42 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 65,000 points
Two Stars: 135,000 points
Three Stars: 165,000 points

At first glance, the level would look pretty generic, but as you would soon find out yourself, there are three jellies at the bottom row that could prove to be really hard to clear. Vertical stripes could clear them, but the three jelly fish given for free would be the better method in clearing them.This means that you have to first clear most of the other jellies so you could be sure that the jelly fish would aim for the tricky ones at the bottom of the screen. Special candies could be few and far in between in this level with all 6 colors, but you should try to get as much of them as possible to clear the level. For more effective tips and strategies for Candy Crush level 285, read on:

1. Be careful with the jelly fish:
You’d want to save them for the last moves, where they could go nowhere but to the three jellies at the bottom row. This means you have to preserve them and take extra care in not prematurely activating them.

2. Break through the meringue:
They also hide jellies underneath them, so clear them immediately. Wrapped candies are not recommended in this level since they can set off jelly fish prematurely.

3. Try to get special candies:
Striped candies are good especially if you can use them to clear the tricky jellies at the bottom of the board.

4. Add one more booster for your collection by spinning the free booster wheel today! Good luck!

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