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Candy Crush Level 292 Guide

Available Moves: 35 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (63 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 125,000 points
Two Stars: 260,000 points
Three Stars: 300,000 points

This level is pretty generic and would be very easy if it weren’t for the 15-move bomb trapped in candy jail and underneath some blockers. 5 colors on screen should help in getting the special candies you need to clear a lot of jellies, so that could help. You need only worry about the locked up time bomb and let the special candies take care of the jellies. The target score is also really high at 125,000 points, but the sheer number of cleared jellies should take care of that. Three stars is a tall order; it requires a number of available moves left at the end of the level. The goal is not that hard, just note the following tips and strategies:

1. Focus on clearing the bomb:
Remember that the bomb only has 15 moves on it, so work hard in trying to detonate it. You’d be clearing jellies and blockers while you’re at it as well.

2. Make special candies:
Since there are a lot of jellies to clear, you need to tap the help of special candies and special candy combinations. Wrapped candies and color bombs work very well especially when paired with striped candies.

3. Watch out for bombs!
Once you clear the first bomb, more will come! Just be on your toes at all times and just detonate each bomb as soon as they appear.

4. Remember to pick up a free booster from the pink spinning wheel! Good luck!

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