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Candy Crush Level 3 Guide

Candy Crush Level 3 Guide


Available Moves: 18 moves

Goal: Get at least one star within the given available moves

One Star: 4,000 points
Two Stars: 6,000 points
Three Stars: 8,000 points

Level 3 is where the real fun starts in Candy Crush. The board has so many opportunities for special candies, and you won’t have to worry about that target score at all. For this level, you will be experimenting on special candy combos. Here’s how you do that:

Special candy combinations:
1. A pair of striped candies.
Match two striped candies and they’ll clear one column AND one row of candies for you! The amazing thing is that the striped candies don’t even have to match colour!

2. A pair of wrapped candies:
Matching two wrapped candies (of any colour) would trigger a huge explosion, clearing twice the number of candies cleared by a single wrapped candy.
3. A pair of colour bombs:
A pair of colour bombs would clear every jelly that are currently on board and replaces them with new ones. This one’s pretty sweet, although it can be hard to chance upon!
4. Striped + wrapped:
Combine one striped and one wrapped candy to immediately clear three rows and three columns of candy!

5. Striped + colour bomb:
Match a colour bomb with one striped candy and it would transform all candies that are the same colour with your striped candy, and make them all striped candies!
6. Colour bomb + wrapped candy:
Match these and they’ll clear out TWO colours off your screen!
Experiment on all of these and you’ll get past Level 3 in no time. Good luck!

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