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Candy Crush Level 313

Available Moves: All you can do in 45 seconds
Goal: Earn at least one star within the allotted time limit
Target Score: 20,000 points
Two Stars: 25,000 points
Three Stars: 35,000 points

As with all other timed levels, the challenge is on the start of the level. Obviously, you need to extend the time because you simply can’t get 20,000 points with only 45 seconds. There are three time bonus candies in the board when you start the level but they are positioned under blockers and voids that you really need to work hard to get to them. Chameleon candies could really change the complexion of the game since they somehow reduce the predictability of the level. As long as you have a strong start, the level should not be that challenging. Just take note of the following tips and strategies to be successful in this level:

1. Work from the bottom:
You need to make successive combinations so you could earn time bonus candies on top of the board. Take advantage of the cascade effect so you could extend the time longer.

2. Make special candies:
This is the best way to earn all the points you need to be successful in this level. Wrapped candies would go well in clearing blockers, but color bombs would earn points exceptionally.

3. Activate the three time bonus candies:
Make sure you extend the level long enough to make more special candies and earn more points.

4. Have fun with this easy level and make sure you are prepared for the challenging ones in the future by spinning the free booster wheel today.

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