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Candy Crush Level 319

Available Moves: 40 moves
Goal: Candy order (55 orange and 55 purple candies)
Target Score: 10,000 points
Two Stars: 80,000 points
Three Stars: 120,000 points

110 candies all in all could be hard to collect with only 40 moves. Also, there are 6 chocolate fountains and a lot of chocolate frames you have to contend with when starting this level. Underneath it all, the biggest challenge would be to detonate the single candy bomb given at the start of the level. This presents a challenge because well, the candy bomb is confined in a candy jail that is positioned under layers of chocolates. Some chameleon candies make the board less predictable but overall it is possible to pass the level with only one try as long as you remember the following tips and strategies:

1. Aim to clear all the chocolates that are on screen:
All 6 chocolate fountains would not let up as the level progresses, so lighten up the load by clearing the chocolates that are already given.

2. Defuse the candy bomb:
Whatever you do just prioritize detonating the bomb as soon as it is possible. Make use of whatever special candy you can get in realizing this goal.

3. Make special candies:
Special candies help in collecting a lot of candies, so use their help whenever you can. A color bomb + striped candy combo works very well, as well as a pair of wrapped candies. Basically just keep on making special candies and pair them together.

4. Have fun collecting candies! When you’re done, pay the spinning wheel a visit and claim your daily free booster.

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